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He is a writer who’s intent on self-improvement. Even though he’s been published, he still isn’t satisfied with his work and continues to attend local writing groups.

He says,'The writing groups are invaluable, they give me confidence, keep me focussed, and offer plain, simple help.'

He’s not just referring to basics like spelling and punctuation edits - easy to miss in your own work - but explains that they contribute facts, experience and honest, constructive opinion.

'You need the outside view,' he insists.

John Walton - June                                        

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He enjoys competitions and polishing his work and believes that, to escape the slush piles of traditional publishing, writers should get a professional edit and be prepared to publish an e-book.  


His first success came from a first line competition by Bristol Book Blog. The opening line was "Above the clouds the 'Homeward Bound' floated steadily through the moonlit air-scape, a night sky like black silk, diamond-glitter with millions of stars." from The Voyages of the Black Thistle; part 1. From there it grew, became a book, and needed an appendix.


The appendix became a short story in its own right and was selected as one of seven winners to be included in an on-line steam-punk anthology. The Justin Thyme Escape Capsule. This can be read in Of Airships and Automatons; Tales of Steam and Science, published by Witty Bard Publishing (available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords).


John has another story in his head. He says, 'It's a great story, but it’s staying there for now - I’m saving it till I’m a better writer as I don’t want to waste it!'


As a member of Frome Writers Collective, John will be able to seek all the advice he needs locally.

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John Walton is a Frome writer whose chosen genre is steam-punk because, he says, 'It allows your imagination a complete free-rein, undistracted by scientific or historical facts.'

Facts about John:

· Born in Durban, South Africa

· Came to England in 2000 as a computer analyst/programmer

· Has worked as a farmer, blacksmith and truck-driver among other things

· Believes an interest in everything is a necessary qualification for writing

· Has lived in many parts of the UK, including Shetland

· Always wanted to write since he banged out his first story at the age of ten on an old typewriter.

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