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Pros and cons of professional editing versus self-editing





* Editing your own work can help you refine your writing skills and find out more about your own style.

•No cost is involved if you self-edit or ask writing friends and family to read through your manuscript. Alternatively, you can cut costs if you choose to self-edit as a ‘first step’, before handing your manuscript to a professional editor.



*It’s hard to detach yourself from the words you’ve written, making it hard to chop away at your ‘baby’.

*If your editing and proofing skills aren’t up to scratch, you may fail to correct spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, repetitions and inconsistencies, all of which give readers, agents and publishers a bad impression. They may not even read beyond the first chapter.



Professional editing



* A professional ‘finish’ will help you to stand out from the crowd, whether you’re self-    publishing or going down the traditional publisher/agent route.

*Friends and family may offer to critique your novel for free, but you can’t beat

professional feedback for offering a second pair of eyes, honest advice and constructive criticism.



*Extra expense is involved.

*You may find it hard to find an editor with whom you feel comfortable. There may also be fake editors out there, so always check out their credentials and experience.




Blogger Wendy Lawton strongly believes that self-editing alone is not enough.



Helpful tips on how to go about self-editing your novel.



A humorous take on the self-editing/professional editing debate.


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