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Peter Clark


Writers' Blogs

He was right, and in fifty diaries he recorded his experiences as an Arabic speaker in the volatile world of the Middle East. But there is more to Peter then diaries...


Early in his career Peter knew he would have an interesting life.

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FWC Events 2017/18



Tuesday 14th November. Launch of Suzy and Neil Howlett's book, 'Return to Kirrin' at Hunting Raven Books.

TIming to follow.



Launch of Annette Burkitt's 'Flesh and Bones', a Story of Frome Selwood and Wessex.

In Hunting Raven Books late November/ early December



Sunday 3 December - FWC bookstall at the Frome Magpie Market at the Cheese and Grain 10 - 3.30.



No December Social.

BUT our Christmas meal is on Friday 8th December at The Fox. Do book a.s.a.p. to make sure of a place.

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Out 100th FWC member, Eddie Martin, cuts a piece of celebratory cake, with FWC Chair, Mary Macarthur and Trustee, Vicky Burke. See our BLOG link above for stories from the evening.


Many thanks to Mac Macarthur for the phogographs on this page.

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