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Annette Burkitt

Reader of Landscapes

Reader of landscapes

Annette Burkitt has always been fascinated by the influence of landscape on people and their cultures. For Flesh and Bones she has researched the history of the Saxon people of Frome and placed them at the core of her story.

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 FWC Events 2018


NB All evening socials 7.30 for 7.45 upstairs at the Three Swans.


All afternoon socials 3.30 at the Black Swan Café on the third Saturday of each month, ex. July and August.


Monday 4 June: Social with Helen Bryant of Cornerstones Literary Agency. Three Swans 7.30pm


Saturday July 7th:

Frome Small Publishers' Fair at the Frome Silk Milll 10 - 4


Saturday July 7th:

Writers in Residence in shops and cafés around Frome Town Centre

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'The Awful Killing of Sarah Watts', by David Lassman and Mick Watts


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'Strays and Relations'

by Dizzy Greenfield -

a Silver Crow book.

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