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Sarah Scholefield


Frome born and bred, the debut author who turned down a job at Kew Gardens to keep her soul and become a first class literary writer.

Redferne Lane delves into the past to explain the complexities and depths of a blossoming and redemptive love.

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FWC is supported by:


Hunting Raven/Winstones in Cheap Street. Frome's fabulous independent bookshop.


Postscript in Stony Street. Offering print services, stationery and craft materials.

Flesh and Bones


Poetry Book (Medium) River Escape by Sam Grant

 FWC Events  


Socials 7.30 upstairs at the Three Swans on the first Monday of each month.



Monday 1 October: Social – Crysse Morrison, Ann Phillips and Elizabeth Legge talking about their books


Monday 5 November: Social – Halloween stories


Friday 7 December: Christmas meal  


Monday 7 January: Social – Joffre White - workshop on authors reading their work


Monday 4 February: Social – Geoff Pridmore talking about his book, 'Not the Red Baron'.

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A very big thank you to everyone who attended Frome Festival events run by FWC members - or volunteered help. Thanks to Crysse and Mac for pics

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Congratulations to the 2018 Writers in Residence on a collection of great stories

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Come along and hear the stories written in the Frome Festival Writers in Residence competition. The Three Swans. King Street.

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