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Why aren’t you writing? Scared of failing or making a fool of yourself?

 I used to paint — nothing fancy or ground breaking, just the occasional watercolour copy of an old postcard or photograph. Why did I stop? My job took up too much of my time and energy, there wasn’t enough space at home to leave my art things lying around, I wasn’t skilled enough… All valid… Read More »Why aren’t you writing?

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Journal writing

By Lisa Kenwright Diaries and Journals Inspired by the request from the Frome Society for Local Study for volunteers to keep records during Lockdown, I wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favourite writing habits, keeping a diary or journal. I know a lot of you will do this already but if not,… Read More »Journal writing

I write, therefore …

Why do I do it? I have a degree in History and postgraduate qualifications in Teaching and Archaeology. By now I could be running a chain of Academies or kneeling at the bottom of a hole in the ground uncovering the secrets of The Bronze Age in Western Europe and expounding upon them to Tony… Read More »I write, therefore …

We could write our way through the pandemic, couldn’t we?

We could write our way through the pandemic, couldn’t we? Well, we could try. But sometimes a lack of energy, time, and all that other stuff you need makes it seem impossible. Excuses! Excuses! Except they’re not excuses now are they? Not since March 2020.  People are meant to have more time to be creative,… Read More »

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A ridiculous time to publish a book?

What a ridiculous time to publish a book, you might think: businesses furloughed, bookshops closed for months, libraries mothballed, deliveries delayed. Yes indeed, but also: readers looking for diversion, people desperate for any printed material, an artist with time on his hands, a publisher who takes an interest, and a printer who carries on printing!… 

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Bare Bones 2

So in the first part I talked about how to strip a story back to its basic plot, taking out the emotions, setting, adjectives and leaving just four or five sentences giving the outline of a plot. Now we need to put flesh back on those bones. Once you are happy with the sequence of… Read More »Bare Bones 2

Bare Bones Part 1

In the March programme of Writers on Radio we focused on autobiography and family stories and I shared this method that traditional storytellers use when they begin to work with a story. Because we work with traditional material that already exists, rather than writing it from scratch as in most creative writing, storytellers need to… Read More »

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Ekphrastic Challenge

First – find a painting. There are some great online resources to pick your way through, e.g. art gallery website collections and video tours and Time Out and The Guardian have lists of virtual tours across the world – see below: The Courtauld Gallery has a great virtual tour:

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