Writers’ Day Out

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Trees, a lake, a picnic and a great day out at the end of May were the rewards for Frome’s writers as our members enjoyed inspiration and social chit-chat by the waters of Marston Park. Everyone seemed to benefit from the friendly atmosphere. Some took the opportunity to write as a group and shared their writing out loud. Others just talked and exchanged ideas and experiences with old friends and new acquaintances.

            It was a day of unexpected sunshine. Some members were surprised later that evening to find they had actually burned slightly while enjoying the rays. Who knew we would need to apply Factor 30 to be free of red shoulders and arms? After all it was only May, and this is England! But that didn’t spoil the day. We had a great experience.

            An unintended benefit was an idea floated by one of the participants: why not arrange with our regular writing group to spend time out at Marston Park to share our writing? Or to any place where they sell coffee and cake and offer free tables for an open-air meeting.

            Of course, individual writers could try this, but the group events organised by FWC, and between members themselves, always promote exchanges of ideas and constructive suggestions, And these can happen anywhere and anytime that you, the members, choose.

Mary Macarthur

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