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Maintaining Pace

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What gets readers hooked? What keeps them reading? Your story needs something that grabs the imagination from the first page, so the reader is drawn in enough to turn the page — and to keep turning. Resist describing your setting in great detail on page one, tempting as it is. … Read More »Maintaining Pace

‘Show, Don’t Tell’  

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As writers, most of us have heard the advice: ‘Show, don’t tell.’ But what does it really mean, and how can we use this guidance to improve our storytelling? What is it? ‘Show, don’t tell’ is a technique that encourages writers to paint vivid pictures in their readers’ minds rather… Read More »‘Show, Don’t Tell’  

Lynn’s marketing tips

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Booklinker: The first thing I found useful was ‘Booklinker’. This takes you straight to your page on Amazon. I wanted to make a QR code and put it on my book marks. I tried others but found this one easy to do. This is my booklink: Bookmarks: I hand… Read More »Lynn’s marketing tips

Why aren’t you writing?

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 I used to paint — nothing fancy or ground breaking, just the occasional watercolour copy of an old postcard or photograph. Why did I stop? My job took up too much of my time and energy, there wasn’t enough space at home to leave my art things lying around, I… Read More »Why aren’t you writing?

Journal writing

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By Lisa Kenwright Diaries and Journals Inspired by the request from the Frome Society for Local Study for volunteers to keep records during Lockdown, I wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favourite writing habits, keeping a diary or journal. I know a lot of you will do… Read More »Journal writing