Bare Bones Part 1

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In the March programme of Writers on Radio we focused on autobiography and family stories and I shared this method that traditional storytellers use when they begin to work with a story. Because we work with traditional material that already exists, rather than writing it from scratch as in most… Read More »Bare Bones Part 1

Ekphrastic Challenge

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First – find a painting. There are some great online resources to pick your way through, e.g. art gallery website collections and video tours and Time Out and The Guardian have lists of virtual tours across the world – see below: https://www.timeout.com/travel/virtual-museum-tours https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/mar/23/10-of-the-worlds-best-virtual-museum-and-art-gallery-tours The Courtauld Gallery has a great virtual… Read More »Ekphrastic Challenge

Ekphrastic Writing 1

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BACKGROUND Ekphrastic has come to mean any writing – prose or poetry – in any form – which uses art as its stimulus.  The art can be painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, or any other art form. The term ekphrastic comes from a Greek expression for description and the earliest ekphrastic… Read More »Ekphrastic Writing 1